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Elaheh Hesari, an Iranian film and TV actress, was born in Tehran on August 19, 1990. She holds a BA in English Literature and a bachelor's degree in Sports. In addition to her artistic activities, she has been actively practicing yoga and teaching yoga for many years. She has two sisters, Elmira and Melika.

Starting cinema and TV acting

Elaheh Hesari was a member of theater groups in high school. Later, her interest in acting led him to acting courses. She passed the courses with a high rating. Her first appearance in movies came with a brief starring role in "The Spoil"; but his acquaintance with director Ibrahim Vahidzadeh, soon brought him into serious and professional cinema, and she played a role in "The Orange Taxi".

With his first TV appearance in the “Eight and a half minutes” series, Hesari gained public fame. She played the role of a character named Yalda, a simple and lovely girl.

Interest in sports

Elaheh Hesari loved sports since childhood, so she chose physical education as her first field of study. After bodybuilding, she pursued fitness and aerobics and received degrees in these fields. With the spread of yoga in IRAN, she became interested in it. Passing the courses, she also earned a degree in the field of coaching.



Naghsh Negar (2013)

It's getting in the morning (2012)

P22 (2012)

Rule of accident (2010)

End of 8th Street (2009)

Express way (2009)

Bita’s passion (2009)

Venice Women, Martian Men (2008)

Women Are Amazing (2008)

The Doll (2007)

Orange Taxi (2006)

The ominous semen (2005)

TV and home network

Eight and a half minutes (2014)

On the sidelines (2013)

I made a joke (2011)

Ice heart III (2011)

اثر های هنزی من
Naghsh e negar
2013 |

Dareh sobh misheh
2014 |

P 22
2014 |

Ghaede ye tasadof
2012 |

Enteha ye khiaban e hashtom
2011 |

The Freeway
2011 |

Bitabi e Bita
2011 |

Zanan e venoosi mardan e merrikhi
2010 |

home broadcast
Hasht o Nim Daghigheh
2016 |

Dar hashieh
2015 |

I'm just kidding
2013 |

Ghalb e yakhi
2010, 2011, 2011-14 |

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